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INCIDENT REPORT:        Carmen Wittler
Thursday, October 30, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
9:15 AM11:46 AM
  TURN-AROUND; Carmen Wittler & Dale Weldy:
(Report via e-mail.)

Hi Mark,

This happened at the start of my shift, and at the end of Dale Weldy's shift. In fact Dale was leaving, and he made a U-turn to come help and assist me.

At about 9:40 a.m., a dark Ford SUV with a Hispanic couple inside, pulled into Tiller’s parking lot, without stopping at the gate, and parked close by the gate. (License tag is on file.)

The driver was not the father of the baby and he translated for us.

When the couple stepped out of their vehicle, I invited them to come over and please speak me. They did.

The lady is 32 years of age and has two children, 9 and 14 years old. She is pregnant with her third (?) child and she is considering an abortion. (She has had a previous abortion years ago.)

The Lady is a roofer by trade and thinks that she is going to be inconvenienced by this pregnancy.

Dale and I spoke to her about her options and all who can help her. We spoke to them for 30 minutes. Eventually, Tiller's Security Guard came out to rush her along, and at the same time, Tiller was entering the gate. But even with all the traffic coming in and out we stayed on task, and did our best to talk them out of having the abortion.

They did go into Tiller’s for about 2-3 minutes and came right out again. As they we’re leaving, they rolled down their window, and said that they would think about all that we had told them.”

I told them that this baby will always be with her, and that I will pray for her.

Please pray for her!

Carmen Wittler

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