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INCIDENT REPORT:        Isaac Hathaway
Thursday, January 29, 2009
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:00 AM12:40 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Betty Bailey, Cindee Hodges, Margaret Mans and Isaac Hathaway:

At about 12:15 pm, while Isaac and Betty were at Tiller's gate, a grey 4-door Sedan carrying a young black couple (both in their early or mid 20's), drove up to Tiller's gate and stopped on the driveway to accept literature from the volunteers.

In the back seat of the car was their beautiful eight-month old daughter in a child-car-seat.

They had an appointment for an early-term abortion. Their only reason for considering an abortion was financial concerns.

After several minutes of intense conversation, Isaac and Betty were able to convince them to go to the proLife Choices Medical Clinic, which is located next door to Tiller's abortion facility.

The young lady went in to Choices alone, and the young man stayed in the car, in Choices Parking lot. Isaac went over and continued talking to him.

KCFL Volunteer, Cindy Hodges replaced Isaac at 12:30 pm, and was made aware of the situation. A hand-made baby blanket was given to the young man, and he accepted it.

Eventually, the young man and the baby went in to Choices Medical Clinic to join the young mother.

At about 2:pm, Margaret Mans replaced Cindee Hodges on-site, and again - Margaret was made aware of the situation.

At about 2:35 pm, the young family came out of Choices Medical Clinic, and they were carrying sonogram pictures of the youngest member of their family.

They had an emotion-filled talk with Margaret, and confirmed to her, that they would NOT be keeping, or re-scheduling the abortion appointment, because they were keeping the baby!!!

Margaret Mans called and reported the confirmation at about 2:47 pm.

We thank God for helping us to help this young family, and we thank the good people at Choices Medical Clinic for the wonderful work that they do.

(NOTE: This Confirmed Save has really raised the spirits of all the KCFL Volunteers. This young family was minutes away from making a horrible mistake, one that could never be reversed.

However, because we offered help… because we cared enough to be there… because, with God's help, we said and did the right things… we were able to make a difference. A big difference! The baby whose life was saved today could become a great person. He or she could be a parent someday with children and grandchildren!

Every KCFL volunteer who has ever taken a shift at Tiller's gate, has a reason to be pleased about this event. Because of people who take a shift at Tiller's gate, at about 2:45 pm, this afternoon, a young family - all four of them - left, with the youngest member of their family alive and well!

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