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INCIDENT REPORT:        Rachel R. Rogers
Thursday, November 6, 2014
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:56 PM3:05 PM
  (Rachel Filled the OPEN HOLE - Laura is OFF today) Rachel Rogers talked to a young Black woman who exited the South Wind building on foot, specifically to come talk to the KCFL volunteer at the gate. She wanted Rachel to come to her car in the parking lot, but Rachel explained to her that she could not step onto the South Wind property. The Young Black woman then came close to the gate, but she did not step onto the sidewalk or driveway. She spoke to Rachel for a few minutes, until she was interrupted by the South Wind Security Guard, Carl Swinney, who put a stop the conversation and escorted her back into the building. Later, at about 2:45 pm, the young Black lady left in her vehicle and stopped on the driveway to talk to Rachel again. However, again, Carl Swinney came out and stopped the conversation. Having other KCFL volunteers now on-site, Rachel told her to just pull over onto Bleckley Street and park where they continued talking. Unfortunately, the young girl would not be talked out of having the scheduled abortion. Rachel offered her our literature, including our offer of financial help 'in writing' and any other help that she could need.
The young woman left, without any indication of having softened her heart. However, in cases like this, it is quite possible that after thinking about it for some hours, she may have a change of heart.
We intend to watch the vehicle logs this coming week to see if she actually comes in to keep her abortion appointment. Please keep this girl in your prayers.

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