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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Friday, September 15, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:30 AM12:30 PM
  This morning some construction surveyors who are working on the proposed shopping mall site on the east side of Bleckley Street, across the street from Tiller's property, were setting up a transit on Tiller's property on the west side of Bleckley Street.

At about 10:10 am, Tiller backed his Jeep out of his bullet-proof garage, and drove it out near the corner of Bleckley and Kellogg Drive where the surveyors were working. He exited his Jeep and approached one of the workers to ask what they were doing on his property.

Donna Lampkin took this opportunity to talk to Tiller one-on-one. She left her post at the gate, and quickly took a pamphlet of Bible verses to Tiller and handed it to him.

Tiller refused to take the pamphlet.

Donna then told Tiller that every child is created in God's image, and that to destroy them is an evil act!

Donna added that she was praying that he would repent and respect the lives that God created.

Tiller's only reply was rude and short. He replied to Donna: "I wish you were NOT created!"

Tiller then went over and questioned one of the surveyors in a demanding way, asking why they were surveying his building.

The construction surveyor replied; "We are not surveying your building, we are surveying the street!"

Tiller then left without further incident.

After Tiller left, one of the construction workers asked Donna if that was actually… "that famous late-term abortionist who kills babies?"

Donna assured him that it was; …a thought that apparently repulsed the worker.

Donna reported that during her encounter with Tiller, that he seemed nervous and troubled, and that he had a stressful, sad, look on his face.

Donna is requesting more prayers among the on-site volunteers, for Tiller's conversion.

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