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INCIDENT REPORT:        Diane M. Palmer
Friday, October 26, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:05 PM1:45 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Diane Palmer & Patty Thomas:

At about 1:30 pm, Ashley, a lovely young Black lady, 19-21 years old, who had been dropped-off at Tillers earlier in the day, came walking out of Tiller's building, to the gate, where she approached the on-site volunteers, Diane and Patty.

Ashley was very distraught and really didn't want to talk, although she came to the gate for that purpose.

According to Diane, Ashley is the type of person who is very sincere, well groomed and polite, but one who keeps things to herself. Ashley is the mother of a nine month old little girl named Nadia. Ashley feels that she let herself and her family down by becoming pregnant.

Patty called me about the incident early Friday afternoon, while she was still on-site. Diane sent the following e-mail:

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to let you know about today's incident. (About 1:30 pm). When the nice volunteer came on after me, I was just showing her the book and the notations about those that had entered while I was on my prayer vigil. Here walks out of Tiller's parking lot a lovely young lady crying.

I went over to her and asked if I could help. I offered to take her to Choices Medical Clinic and she said, "no" she did not want to. I tried again and she said "no". So I said I will walk with you.

I put my arm around her and we just walked...for several blocks. After listening to her she explained she had a 9 month old little girl named, Nadia and did not want this pregnancy.

I asked if she had spoken to her pastor, her family, or a friend, etc. She said "no" that her family was judgmental.

She said she wanted to be a nurse and started to take courses. She graduated from Southeast High.

I asked if the father of the baby could help her and she said "no".

After we walked for a while I asked her again if she would like to talk with the good people in Choices Medical Clinic, and she said "no".

I said what are you planning to do?

She said that she wanted to go home. I said, "Let me take you home". So we proceeded to go get my purse that I left at Tiller's gate and I took her to my car. In the car we chatted and I told her about my sisters who are wonderful nurses and two of them went to nursing school after raising 5 and 7 children respectively. My hope was that I could give her some hope.

She appeared to be a very intelligent and caring young women. I gave her my business card with my home phone number and told her to call me anytime.

Her name is Ashley.

I suggested she talk with her pastor and that I would be glad to take her to my pastor if she wanted.

It took a lot of courage for her to leave Tillers.

Please have your good people put Ashley and her daughter Nadia on their prayer list.


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