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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mark S. Gietzen
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
5:26 PM6:33 PM
  When I arrived on-site, there was a car on the East side of Tiller's parking lot, that was of interest to me. I attempted to get the tag number, by looking through a knot-hole in Tiller's fence, without actually touching the fence.

A few minutes later, while taking down the Crosses on the north side of Tiller's building at about 5:36 pm, Security Guard, Carl Swinney, came storming up to me, yelling at me for having looked through the knot-holes of the board-fence, into Tiller's parking lot.

He demanded to know what I was looking for, but I declined to share that information with him. At that point he shook his finger in my face, while yelling loudly at me, and gave me a little shove with his upper body. (He had been trying to get me to back up by yelling, while I simply stood my ground on the public sidewalk.) He certainly wanted to know what I had been looking at, and was mad that I would not tell him.

I asked Carl to calm down, and he eventually left, threatening and yelling at me over his shoulder as he walked briskly away.

After taking an arm-load of Crosses to my van, I went to the courtesy phone at Davis Moore, and called the police. Carl had evidently seen me go over there to use the phone, because when I stepped out of Davis Moore, he was leaving Tiller's parking lot, ...even though staff and clients were still inside. (Carl is normally the last one to leave.)

While Carl sat there at the gate, waiting for it to close behind him, I told him that the police were on their way, and that he should wait for them. He would not speak to me. Carl left southbound as soon as the gate was closed, at about 5:58 pm.

Minutes later, two police officers arrived. Officer B.M. Boyd, from Patrol East, took my brief report, and opened a case for misdemeanor battery, Case 06C83279. They were unable to go in and view the video tape, because the gate was closed. Officer Boyd said that an investigator would be in touch with me tomorrow. The police left, and l continued to pick up the Crosses.

A few minutes after the police left, Edna Roach, a Tiller employee, approached Tiller's gate from the South, but was unable to enter, due to the gate being closed. (Edna does not have a remote control for the gate.) While she was waiting there in Tiller's driveway, she was attempting to make a phone calls on her cell phone, but was apparently unable to make contact, and kept re-dialing.

Eventually, Edna rolled down her window, and I told her that Carl had left when I went to call the police, after he shoved me. She wanted to know more about the incident with Carl, and why he shoved me, and why the Police were called.

Having nothing to do but wait at the gate together, I talked to Edna about what abortion is doing to the Black race, and tried to convince her to get another job.

At about 6:19 pm, after Edna had successfully made phone contact with someone, (and had closed her car window), Carl returned and opened the gate.

Edna, Carl, at least one other employee, and at least one client remained in when I left at 6:33 pm.

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