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INCIDENT REPORT:        Brandi Lozier (Abortion Survivor)
Friday, March 20, 2009
Shift Start:Shift End:
10:20 AM3:30 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE - Brandi Lozier, Catherine Grayson, Mary LaFrancis and Sherry Walsh:

Brandi Lozier, a 40-Days for Life KCFL Volunteer from Louisiana, was working the gate for over five hours today. Brandi, herself, an abortion survivor is a strong advocate for the unborn at Tiller's gate.

At 2:15 pm, a white sedan with Kansas Tags, carrying four young people, two Hispanic ladies in the front seat, and their two boyfriends in the back seat, stopped on Tiller's driveway to talk to Brandi and the other on-site volunteers.

(In spite of there being four KCFL Volunteers on-site at the time, no one got the tag number, likely because they were so interested in the interaction with the one person in the car who was willing to speak freely with the volunteers at the gate. Also, it is unclear from the hand-written notes if only one, or if both of the girls in the vehicle is pregnant - and if so, if both were intending on having an abortion today.)

But in any case, one of the girls is certainly pregnant and she was here for an early-term abortion today. She not only accepted our literature, but she did most of the talking for all four occupants of the vehicle. (There may have been a language barrier with the other three, and there was an indication that these are NOT local people, but rather that they are from somewhere outside of Sedgwick County, Kansas, most likely from Western Kansas.)

The one who spoke English well, asked a lot of questions, mostly about the why the volunteers were at the gate.

Ironically, she did not ask questions about her baby, nor about help for herself. Rather, she wanted to know if the volunteer's on-site were being paid for being there.

When she learned that no-one on-site is paid for being there, she was amazed and asked more questions!

She asked: (words to the effect of) "…so you are here only because you care about me and my baby, even though it is not born yet? ...and you don't even get paid for it?"

In the end, she came to the conclusion that if the KCFL volunteers are there at the gate ONLY because they care about the babies and the mothers, then the babies must be "real".

She said that after talking to the volunteers, that; "...there was no way that I could have an abortion now - after talking to you… It doesn't seem like that is what God wants me to do!"

The KCFL volunteers offered help at Choices Medical Clinic, but, speaking for all four, the young lady declined.

Then, in a way that only someone in her youth could do, mere minutes after deciding against having her own scheduled abortion, the girl said that she wanted to; "…do what you are doing, and help people like you guys are doing!"

What an amazing example of both the beauty and the power of THE TRUTH!

What an example, of the willingness of a young person to make the right decision, when she finally "gets it" and understands it.

Like the Apostle Paul, who is converted to Christ while on his way to persecute Christians, this young Hispanic Girl is arrived at Tiller's gate today, intending to kill her own child. Instead, she left, wanting to join the KCFL volunteers who so generously give their time at Tiller's gate.

Before she left, the on-site volunteers gave her my, (Mark Gietzen's) contact information.

So far, as of early April, she has not yet contacted me.

We hope to add more to this story later!

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