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INCIDENT REPORT:        Carmen Wittler
Thursday, November 1, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
9:30 AM12:00 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Carmen Wittler, Donna Lampkin and the Driver of the Vehicle, as explained below in an e-mail from Carmen Wittler:

A Caucasian lady about 30 years of age, along with her two small children about 5 and 9 years old, and with a pregnant teen-aged lady and a teen-aged boy in her car, drove into the Choices Parking Lot in an older model Ford.

After parking her car, the driver, her two young children, and the teen-aged boy, all walked over to me at Tiller's gate, leaving the abortion-minded teen-aged lady in the car alone.

The women explained to me that she had driven a the teen-aged mother-to-be out here because she wanted to go to Tiller's to inquire about and / or to procure an abortion.

Note that neither the abortion-minded girl nor her boyfriend are related to the driver. Apparently the driver is a neighbor or a family friend or something.

In any case, the driver stated that she urgently needed my help. She said that the young pregnant teen-aged girl, who was waiting in her vehicle, needed some brochures or literature from me. She had promised the young lady to get her some help, but it was apparent that she did not want her to have an abortion.

At first I didn’t put it all together, i.e., that the male teen-ager was the father of the unborn child. When I realized this, I told them about Christin Gilbert and her death, and I told them that abortions can have major health complications during the procedure and years down the road.

In support of what I was saying, the women driver stated that she had a sister who had her uterus punctured during an abortion procedure. She said that she was scared for this young girl who was planning on having an abortion.

I also explained to them, as much as I could about the law suits on Dr. Tiller. When I did, the young father's eyes indicated that he was concerned about his girlfriend.

I told her (the driver) to go and get this teen-mother-to-be, and to take her into Choices Medical Clinic, and that they would be able to help her and give her more information.

The lady driver then took the young couple into Choices Medical Clinic, while I agreed to watch her two young children. While the three of them were in Choices, the children played with sidewalk chalk and I continued to watch Tiller's gate and watch them.

Donna arrived for her shift while I was watching the children, and I let her know what was going on.

Eventually, after about 2 hours, the young Mom came out of Choices Medical Clinic with great news: She said that she was NOT going to have an abortion, and that they would be keeping the baby.

The young father, who at first appeared to be wavering about the abortion decision, now was supportive of her decision to keep their child.

It was a momentous occasion!

Donna gave them a baby blanket, color of their choosing, and I thanked the driver for her great work and for getting the young lady to go into Choices.

Praise be to God and The Saints, and to the dedicated workers at Choices Medical Clinic!

Carmen Wittler

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