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INCIDENT REPORT:        Anna Wood
Thursday, April 6, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:25 AM3:15 PM
  POSSIBLE TURN-AROUND: (Not counted as part of our statistical count.):

At about 2:30 pm, an old white station-wagon (tags unknown) with a severe dent on one side, carrying two young black girls, estimated to be in their 20's, came slowly south on Bleckley Street.

KCFL Volunteers Anna Wood and Margaret Mans noticed the vehicle and assumed that it was headed for Tiller's parking lot. However, as the vehicle approached Tiller's gate, it pulled slightly over to the right and stopped on Bleckley Street, about 20 feet north of the Truth-truck.

The young girls were looking at the large photo on the back of the Truth-truck, and were talking with each other. They stayed there for about three minutes, and neither Anna nor Margaret wanted to interrupt them, rather, they just waited and watched.

Eventually, the station-wagon pulled forward, coming closer to Tiller's gate, but the girl's attention was now focused on the photo on the left side of the Truth-truck.

After about a minute, Anna Wood approached the vehicle, literature in hand, to give it to the driver. However, as Anna approached the vehicle, it went forward, south on Bleckley and was not seen again during the rest of the day, nor on Friday.

In the interest of protecting the integrity of our statistical count, we are not counting this as a TURN-AROUND, although in all likelihood it was one. Because it did not actually turn into Tiller's driveway, and since we were not able to talk to the young ladies, it will not be counted.

NOTE: The pictures on the Truth-truck were NOT the regular Tiller-with-the-gurney photos that we have been using. Rather, Keith, from ORW had just changed them out, because he needed the Tiller panels for the other Truth-truck, in preparation for the release of the Christin Gilbert Petitions on Friday. The photos on display were gruesome photos of an aborted baby.

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