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INCIDENT REPORT:        Judi Weldy
Thursday, January 13, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:15 AM9:30 AM

At 9:10 am KCFL volunteer, Judy Weldy, called from Tiller's gate on her cell phone, advising that another botched abortion ambulatory rescue was in progress.

I (Mark Gietzen) immediately notified Operation Rescue West and Operation Save America, and requested their help.

Three (3) emergency vehicles, i.e. Wichita Police, Ambulance, and Fire Department went into Tiller's parking lot and took a victim client out on a gurney. They exited the parking lot and headed to Wesley Hospital, but they did not turn-on the sirens until well clear of Tillers facility - (This is either intentionally routinely done, due to it being a residential area, or a courtesy to Tiller, to not upset his other clients.)

At about 9:20 am Tiller left in his own vehicle, and went directly to Wesley Hospital.

Tiller's Security Guard, Carl Swinney, was yelling a lot at everybody, including at Judi, while she was taking photos of the ambulance.

At around 9:25 am, a KNSS News van appeared on the scene, only to be chased away by Carl Swinney.

A rumor that the victim client was dead-on-arrival at Wesley Hospital circulated later in the day.

I made a phone request for a copy of the 911 transcript from Sedgwick County emergency services.

<< UPDATE: 2005-Jan-26 >> Diane Gage, of Sedgwick County 911, says that our request for a copy of the transcript for this possible dead-on-arrival ambulance run must be made in writing. We complied with a faxed and mailed request.

<< UPDATE: 2005-Feb-23 >> Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline said that this case involves a 19-year-old disabled woman from Texas who was treated at Tiller's clinic and died later that day. Kline also said that authorities in Tarrent County, TX, where the victim-client is from, have subpoenaed George Tiller.

<< UPDATE: 2005-Mar-02 >> The lady's name is Christin A. Gilbert, born 1985-May-30, Died 2005-Jan-13.

<< UPDATE: 2005-Sep-14 >> Recently released autopsy results show Christin A. Gilbert, age-19, of 1093 Sunset Court in Keller, TX, died of complications of a third-trimester abortion. (See KCFL New Release: Death of Teen Caused by a Botched Abortion at Tiller's Late-Term Abortion Facility.)

<< UPDATE: 2005-Nov-03 >>
See KCFL News Release: KCFL Condemns the KSBHA for their Lack of Action in the Abortion-related Death of a Teen at the Tiller Late-Term Abortion Facility.

<< UPDATE: 2005-Nov-19 >>
David Gittrich of Kansans for Life, KFL, called a meeting at 9:30 am, to announce that KFL would help on the Christin Gilbert case. David wants to call for a Grand Jury investigation into the death of Christin Gilbert, and he is willing to devote a considerable amount of time and KFL budget to the petition drive which is necessary to call a Grand Jury.

<< UPDATE: 2006-Feb-18 >> Submitted about 200 Grand Jury petitions to Kansans For Life. KFL has been assisting on the Christin Gilbert case by organizing the petition drive, to call for a Grand Jury investigation into the death of Christin Gilbert. 2,850 certifiable petition signatures are needed.

<< UPDATE: 2006-Mar-07 >>
by Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com Editor
March 7, 2006

Wichita, KS (LifeNews.com) -- Pro-life advocates and family members of a disabled teenager who died from a late-term abortion last year filed many more petitions than necessary to ask a grand jury to investigate her death. Groups organizing the petition drive filed 7,754 local signatures to prompt a judge to rely on a seldom-used law allowing citizens to convene a grand jury investigation.
The petitions seek a grand jury to look into the death of Christin Gilbert, a 19-year-old mentally disabled Texas resident whose parents brought her to Wichita for a late-term abortion.

Abortion practitioner George Tiller did the abortion in January 2005 and Gilbert died days later.

As long as the signatures are valid, a local judge will decide if they have been properly filed and would convene the grand jury.

"Today we are taking a proactive approach. We are not going to take a defensive approach any longer

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