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INCIDENT REPORT:        Ron Monaco
Monday, July 16, 2007
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9:00 AM11:20 AM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Ron Monaco & Michelle:

At about 10:00 am two young ladies and one toddler-aged child, came walking northbound on Bleckley Street toward Tiller's abortion facility.

There were so many new out-of-state people from "The Cause" and a California youth group called "The Survivors" on-site at Tiller's gate this morning, because of "The Wichita Awakening" event that is taking place today, that at first, no one knew that these were abortion bound clients!

As they approached the gate, heading into Tiller's, some of the ProLife people there began to take notice, and tried to talk to them. The mother of the toddler told the ProLifers at the gate, that she was just going in for a research project, …not to have an abortion.

She went on into Tiller's parking lot with the toddler, but the other lady, her friend, came back out of Tiller's parking lot, in response to the pleas and urgings of the ProLife volunteers at the gate. She was willing to talk.

She revealed that there was no research project whatsoever, and that she was here with her friend, who was scheduled for an abortion today. She wanted only to support of her friend, but she stated that she had tried to talk her friend out of having the abortion and was unable to do so.

Fortunately, Tiller's Security Guard was also confused by the large number of people on-site this morning. Thinking that the lady was perhaps with someone from one of the out-of-state ProLife groups, he immediately sent her out of the parking lot! Apparently, he did not realize what he had done until the lady was met by the ProLifer's at the gate.

Then, apparently realizing his mistake, Tiller's Security Guard called the Wichita Police, who were waiting nearby, to come and help him get her back in to Tiller's for the abortion.

But by this time, more and more visiting ProLifers from "The Cause" & "The Survivors" began to realize what was going on, and a tense gathering began to crowd the gate.

When the Wichita Police arrived at the gate, they tried to isolate the pregnant mother of the toddler, to give her a chance to decide if she wanted to go back into Tiller's or not.

In order to be able to talk to the lady alone, the police took her to the west edge of Tiller's driveway, near the Bleckley Street gutter, where he talked to her.

The wide assortment of ProLife people there at the gate were willing to stand away from the girl, but they were not willing to give up their right to talk to her, and encourage her to go to Choices Medical Clinic.

Eventually the lady made her decision NOT to go to back into Tiller's, which made everyone (except Tiller's Security Guard) happy.

Ron Monaco continued to talk to the pregnant lady, asking her to compare her toddler, who was with her, to the child that is inside of her. She listened, but made no commitments. She was obviously under a lot of stress, and Ron wanted her to go to Choices Medical Clinic.

The pregnant lady, her friend, and the toddler, finally decided to go to Choices Medical Clinic. When they did, about 100 people, mostly young people from "The Cause" and "The Survivors" who are here on the Wichita Awakening Tour, prayed intensely for divine intervention, on the sidewalk in front of Choices Medical Clinic, next door to Tiller's abortion facility.

This prayer went on for well over an hour.

Then, at about 11:25 am, the two ladies and the toddler came out of Choices Medical Clinic.

The friend of the pregnant lady announced that she had changed her mind, and was going to keep her child! Those who head her were delighted. However, Ron Monaco wanted to hear it from the mother herself.

The young pregnant lady was tearful and filled with emotion. But she confirmed to Ron that she is keeping the baby!

In the end, she even thanked Ron and others for being there, and she said that some day that she may come to the gate to help us do what we do!

It was a great way for us to start a new week, and a wonderful way to close-out the Wichita Awakening event.

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