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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Thursday, June 14, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:30 AM3:10 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE: Donna Lampkin, Anna Wood and Margaret Mans:

At about 1:pm, a middle-aged Caucasian man, alone, in a pick-up truck came into Tiller's parking lot. He first circled around the east side of the parking lot, then backed into a parking stall on the south side near the gate. His driver-side window was open, and he just sat there in the vehicle waiting. This gave Donna Lampkin and Anna Woods the perfect opportunity to talk to him.

Donna and Anna urged him to do all that he could to save the life of the baby, and they gave him information, verbally, about Choices Medical Clinic. The only response the guy would give is: "Don't worry about it!"

Later, around 1:15 pm when a red compact vehicle with a young Black man and a young blonde-haired Caucasian lady came into Tiller's parking lot, the man got out of his vehicle. From the interaction between them, it appeared that the young lady was his daughter. The three of them walked together into Tiller's building.

Then a short time later, the man came out of Tiller's building and waited alone in his vehicle again.

Seeing that it may be a bi-racial child that was about to be aborted, Donna talked to him about adoption, telling him that she knows some sidewalk counselors who cannot have children of their own, and who would love to adopt that child. She assured him that they have no problem with the race of the child. This line a talk got his attention.

Even though he did not say much in the conversation with Donna, he went back in to Tiller's building, apparently to deliver Donna's offer to his daughter.

Finally at about 2:10 pm, just when KCFL Volunteer, Margaret Mans, arrived on-site, the man came out of Tiller's building again. He got in his vehicle and started it up, and waited for his (apparent) daughter and her boyfriend to come out.

At 2:15 pm the young lady and the young Black man came out of Tiller's. As they left, the man followed them, but he stopped at the gate and said: "It must have worked!"

He then took the contact information of the people who are interested in adopting the child.

(Note: There is other information about this save, that is not appropriate to share publicly in this report.)

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