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INCIDENT REPORT:        Carolyn S. Moshier
Tuesday, January 2, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:30 AM10:00 AM
  TURN-AROUND; Carolyn Moshier:

While warming-up in the Truth-truck, a black two-door car with Kansas Tags (county unknown) came slowly northbound on Bleckley Street. The car was carrying one Hispanic Lady, and two male friends, neither of whom was the father of her baby.

Carolyn got out of the Truth-truck just in time, and was able to stop the car as it was entering Tiller's driveway. The lady was willing to talk, and willing to listen to Carolyn. Among other things, Carolyn urged her to go over to Choices Medical Clinic prior to going into Tiller's.

As they were talking, Tiller's Security Guard, Carl Swinney, came out and demanded to know if the lady had an appointment for an abortion. When the lady indicated, "Yes", he demanded that the conversation cease and that they immediately come in and park their car in Tiller's parking lot. This interruption on Carl's part broke up the conversation, and the car went into Tiller's lot.

However, moments after parking their vehicle, the lady reappeared at the gate, to finish her conversation with Carolyn. The lady stood inside the line, on Tiller's property, and Carolyn stayed on the sidewalk, talking at length to her.

Finally, the lady decided to take Carolyn's advice, and go to Choices Medical Clinic. She walked out of Tiller's parking lot, and went with Carolyn, as Carolyn walked her over to the Choices Medical Clinic front door.

Just as Carolyn and the pregnant mother got to the door of Choices Medical Clinic, Carl Swinney climbed up on the south fence of Tiller's parking lot, and with his head and shoulders sticking over the fence, scolded the pregnant lady, saying that if she was going to go over here, then she could not park her car in Tiller's parking lot!

Carolyn arranged to have the guys who were with her, move her car, and got the young lady into Choices Medical Clinic.

After awhile, the two young men left, leaving the pregnant woman with Choices Medical Clinic staff ...indicating that she planned to remain there for awhile.

The lady remained in at Choices Medical Clinic at the end of Carolyn's shift.

We are hopeful that this Turn-around will be upgraded to a Confirmed Save in the coming days.

<< UPDATE 2007-Jan-17 >>
This lady went in to Choices Medical Clinic again, apparently for a follow-up appointment. We look forward to upgrading this Turn-around to a Confirmed Save, but we do not yet have confirmation from her, that she is keeping her baby.

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