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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mark S. Gietzen
Friday, April 8, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
5:10 PM7:11 PM
  Closing shift. Held overhead banner with the Maus Family and the Cordell children for about two hours. At about 6:15 pm only two vehicles were left in the parking lot, Security Guard, Mike Hartup's white pick-up and Abortionist Sella who drives Tiller's red junker, and we assumed that they were getting ready to close. However, unexpectedly, a middle-aged lady pedestrian came walking in and was very angry about the overhead banner. On her way in, and later, at about 6:29, on her way out, we had some less than pleasant conversation with her. She did not like the banner and told us that she was a lesbian and that her partner was in for an abortion. She did not answer my question as to how two lesbians could manage to get pregnant. It was apparently a problem late-term abortion where the delivery of the dead baby did not happen as planned. I took a photo of her giving us a finger. At about 7:02pm, the Security Guard, Mike Hartup, left and at 7:10pm, Abortionist Sella went out (apparently to eat) while Joan Armentrout stayed in with the victim-patient. Then Sella returned for what looked like an all-nighter. I got a good photo of Sella as she was leaving - the gate remote control was in her hand. Sella is so camera-shy that she sped away, such that I could not get another photo of her. She was worried about the slow-gate-closing and pulled over to watch that it closed from a distance.

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