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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Friday, March 7, 2008
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11:35 AM3:15 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Donna Lampkin & Bryan Burkemper:

At 12:42 pm two ladies from Great Bend, in a car with Barton County, Kansas Tags, came into Tillers for a scheduled early-term Abortion.

(Only the driver is pregnant, the other lady is a friend who came along as a support-person, and to drive in case the pregnant lady was not able to drive back following her intended abortion.)

As they came in, through Tiller's gate they yelled obscenities at Donna and Bryan.

They stayed in Tillers until about 2:30 pm. When they came out they stopped at the gate and apologized to Donna and Bryan. The pregnant lady (the driver), was very excited and emotional, and was talking, according to Donna, "90 miles per hour". She told Donna and Bryan that she has changed her mind about having an abortion, and she showed Donna a sonogram picture of her baby. She had a lengthy conversation with Donna, after which she took literature and some baby clothing items from Donna.

Both of these ladies had a lot of information that they were willing to share.

The driver, is eight weeks pregnant, and she has some physical anomalies in her reproductive organs, but none that threaten the safety of this pregnancy. (She already has one older child.) Nevertheless, she was very nervous and was smoking a cigarette while she talked.

This mother-to-be, who is not a religious person, said that she was not sure about having an abortion in the first place; rather, she was looking for "a sign" that she should keep her baby.

Apparently, the fact that Tiller wanted her to come back to have the abortion when she is further along in her pregnancy, was a satisfactory sign to her, that she should not have the abortion. (Note that at eight weeks the baby is so small that it is hard for Tiller's staff to re-assemble the dead baby body parts following the abortion.) The early-term price is good through 12 weeks.

Speaking of price, these ladies informed Donna and Bryan that Tiller has raised his prices for abortions and sonograms.

Sonograms are now $100 instead of $90. Early-term abortions, which were $475 are now $675.

We have been expecting this rise in prices ever since the Central Street Abortion Facility closed. We now have confirmation of it.

The woman talked at length to Donna and Bryan, and left on a friendly note. Donna tried to get them to go to Choices Medical Clinic, but they said that they preferred to seek help at a pregnancy crisis center nearer to Great Bend. The pregnant mother is unmarried, and she may already be familiar with the help available in Great Bend, as she already has an older child.

Prayers are requested for this lady and her child. She has many difficulties in her life right now, and needs all the help and prayers that she can get.

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