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INCIDENT REPORT:        Carolyn S. Moshier
Thursday, September 25, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
6:00 PM7:40 PM
  First 40-Days for Life TURN-AROUND: Carolyn Moshier, Julie Buresh, and Betty Jean Patterson, (with an unintentional assist from Tiller's Night Security Guard, Bonnie).

Since the 40-Days for Life project at the Tiller Abortion Facility in Wichita, Kansas is primarily an after-hours project, and since the gate to Tiller's Abortion facility is normally closed after hours, we did not anticipate having any Saves or Turn-Arounds associated with this project. However, something unexpected happened today, on our second day of 40-Days for Life.

Around 6:30 pm, after Tiller's gate was initially closed for the day, a late-term abortion client who was apparently having trouble, was bought back in to Tiller's facility. When they came in, they left the gate open.

At about 7:15 pm, a young Asian couple came to Tiller's gate, and 40-Days For Life volunteer, Carolyn, was able to stop them on Tiller's driveway, by offering literature to them. They accepted the literature, and Carolyn was able to talk to them.

This couple had never been to Tiller's before, but they had an appointment for an early-term abortion tomorrow. They drove by this evening, just to look at the place, and to make sure that they could find it tomorrow.

Carolyn was able to talk to them for about five minutes, and Carolyn could sense that they were less than 100% sure that this is what they wanted to do. They were willing to listen to Carolyn, and they needed and wanted information.

While they were talking, Tiller's Night Security Guard, a middle-aged woman named "Bonnie" came to the gate and immediately began yelling at Carolyn and at the other 40-Days for Life Volunteer, Julie.

Carolyn and Julie turned their backs to Bonnie, in an effort to avoid a confrontation with her.

Bonnie then yelled at the Asian couple to get into Tiller's parking lot, ...but having witnessed Bonnie's behavior, and / or as a result of the conversation and the literature, that they had already received, the Asian couple refused to go in to Tiller's parking lot!

As Bonnie continued yelling at these potential clients, they backed-up, off of Tiller's parking lot, and onto Bleckley Street.

According to Julie, "...that car kind of lingered like they wanted to talk to Carolyn more, but couldn't because of the clinic lady, after stopping in the street for a couple minutes, they drove off."

Bonnie then belligerently accused Carolyn and Julie of having blocked Tiller's driveway, and threatened to call the police.

Getting no favorable reaction, from Carolyn and Julie, and having failed to get the Asian couple to go in, Bonnie left and went back inside of Tiller's building. She later closed the gate.

Carolyn is optimistic that this is a successful save, but we will wait to see if they return before counting it as a Confirmed Save.

(Confirmed Saves are counted at 100% and Turn-Arounds are counted at 50%.)

NOTE: This incident happened immediately following a recitation of the Holy Rosary by Carolyn, Julie, and Julie's three wonderful young children, which included the proLife meditation with each Decade of the Rosary. That meditation is built around each Mystery, and is loved by both Catholics and Protestants. Betty Jean Patterson was in prayer during the entire event.

Those of you who want to call it a meaningless coincidence of timing are welcome to do so. But those of us who witness the power of prayer on-site, time and again, know better.

If you do not believe in the power of prayer, we invite you to participate in 40-Days for Life, because you will learn for your self, first hand!

If you already believe in the power of prayer, please consider joining us on site. We need you and we absolutely have a time slot that will work for you. The 40-Days for Life project is a 24-Hour per day effort.

Please Call: 316-522-8866 to schedule your time.

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