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INCIDENT REPORT:        Terry Joseph Read
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
10:15 AM1:45 PM

At 10:17am, Terry reported that a Sedgwick County Ambulance had just showed up on-site. I immediately alerted other ProLife groups.

Terry did not have a camera on-site, so I rushed out with my cameras. As it turned out, I got there in plenty of time, and waited from 10:35 to about 11:30 before they loaded the victim-client into the ambulance.

Tiller's staff, particularly Security Guard John Rayburn, is conscious of keeping us from getting good photos, (obviously due to the fact that one of the Truth-truck photos is an image of Tiller pushing a gurney …carrying one of his previous victim-clients into the Wesley Hospital Emergency entrance). In an overt strategy to keep us from seeing them load the victim-client, John Rayburn directed the ambulance to back-up to the point of nearly touching the building, prior to loading the victim-client. As such, we could not see her as she was being loaded.

Due to the new parking restrictions, I was unable to immediately follow the ambulance. Rather, I was parked on Orme Street, and by the time I got going, the ambulance was out of sight. I went directly to Wesley, looking for Ambulance # 18, but did not find it. ORW staff were there at Wesley, and we all looked around but did not find it.

<< UPDATE: 2005-May-12 >> A knowledgeable confidential source told me that the ambulance that I was trying to follow yesterday did not go to Wesley hospital, (something I know as fact) but rather that it went to St. Joe Hospital. I was told that the ambulance first took the lady, who is anemic, from St. Joe, where the abortion was previously arranged between Abortionist Tiller and a Doctor at St. Joe Hospital. The ambulance was to stand-by …waiting due to the danger of uncontrollable bleeding, a characteristic of someone with anemia. After the abortion, the ambulance took her to St. Joe were she was taken to the 5th floor (?).

This arrangement was made because St. Joe Hospital does not allow abortions to be done there. However, this event crosses the line. St. Joe Hospital has committed a horrible act, completely inconsistent with Catholic moral teaching, and they have done a grave disservice and to the life and dignity to the innocent unborn child who was killed. While we admit that it is difficult and challenging for an anemic mother to endure a pregnancy, many mothers in her situation have successfully carried their child to term and have had successful deliveries of healthy children.

<< UPDATE: 2005-May-26 >> Kevin Conlin, CEO of Via Christi, 316-858-4942, called and said that their internal investigation is complete. He will make a detailed report to the Diocese of Wichita, but it will not be made available to us for legal reasons. He said that the lady in question did NOT start out at St. Joe Hospital, as we believe that she did. However, but he was not 100% sure about that, and would confirm that before issuing a written report.

Also, Mr. Conlin said that the Doctor's name cannot be released for legal reasons. The Saint Joe Medical ethicist says no-material cooperation had occurred between Saint Joe Hospital and Tiller's facility. They acknowledge that Saint Joe Hospital took care of Tiller's client, and that the EMS Ambulance took her there.

<< UPDATE: 2005-Jun-4 >> KCFL received a letter from Via Christi, Saint Joe Hospital, dated June 3rd, signed by Mr. Kevin Conlin.

Although parts of the letter are confidential, and not all details are completely worked out between us, we are confident that Saint Joe did NOT cooperate in arranging the abortion. We are also confident that Saint Joe has taken steps to insure that none of their doctors independently cooperate with Abortionist Tiller.

This information was shared with the leaders of ORW and OSA.

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