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INCIDENT REPORT:        Richard A. "Rick" Moss
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
1:45 PM3:00 PM
  At about 3:pm, Rick Moss, who was out on-site, reported that a truck from Tree-Top Nursery came and that two people who appeared to be Tree-Top Nursery employees, put fertilizer on Tiller's lawn and ice-melt on Tiller's parking lot. They left at about 2:40 pm.

Upon receiving the phone call from Rick, I, Mark Gietzen, called Tree-Top Nursery to find out if they had a contract to do work for Tiller.

I was put in touch with the owner / manager, also named Mark. He denies having a contract with Tiller, or providing any service to him whatsoever.

Mark, the owner said that he is afraid that the Good Lord would send a lightening bolt down upon him if he did. He asked for the Unit Number of the truck- but Rick did not have one. I put Rick directly into contact with Mark the owner, to try to determine which of his service vehicles was there.

Mark, the owner of Tree-Top Nursery, is afraid that one of his employees may be free-lancing for cash.

<< 2007-Dec-14, Friday>> Follow-up:

I called Mark Matney, the owner of Tree-Top Nursery (316) 686-7491 in the hope of closing this Incident Report.

Left a voice message - waiting on a call back.

<< 2008-Jan-15, Tuesday >> Follow-up:

Mark Matney, the owner of Tree-Top Nursery called me back, after I reminded him that this case was still open. Mark Matney was not able to isolate the vehicle that went into Tillers on December 11th, because he has a total of 120 vehicles in service in the Wichita area. He assured me that he has no contract with Tiller, and never will. He suspects that it was a free-lance operation by some employees, (who were likely also getting paid by him at the time - in addition to collecting from Tiller.) He asked that we get a unit number, if ever one of his trucks is seen at Tiller's in the future. He would also welcome a photo, if it ever happens again.

Case closed.

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