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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:30 AM2:45 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE: A couple from Manhattan KS, went into Tillers, intending to go through with an abortion. Donna approached them to talk to them as they went in. They did commented on the large sign that contains a photo of Tiller with a dead mother on the gurney at Wesley Hospital, and wanted to know if it was true. They went in to Tiller's parking lot, however, while waiting in Tiller's waiting room, they had a change of heart, and decided to get up and leave. On their way out of Tiller's parking lot, which was at about 11 am, they stopped to talk to Marion, Teresa, and Donna.

<<UPDATE 2006-Oct-26>> This young lady, Melanie, and her friend spoke at the Heartland Banquet on October 26, 2006. Melanie stated that when she drove into Tiller's, that there was a lady at the gate who said something mean to her, asking her "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR CHILD?"

She said that she could hear them yelling, even after she parked, and was walking in.

Only because the sonogram at Tiller's revealed that she was further along than she thought she was, and that the abortion was going to cost $1,200.00 which was more than she was willing to pay, did she decide not to go through with the abortion.

The nurse at Tiller's talked her into coming back in a week or two. However, she knew that she was not going to have the abortion.

The baby was born on October 5th 2005, and it is named "Shay".

The father of the baby is not involved with her anymore, but Melanie's parents are helping her out - she if finishing her schooling at Friends University in Wichita.


Also had a TURN-AROUND. A mother and daughter did not stay long enough to have had an abortion, after commenting to Donna about the same botched abortion sign. (More details from Donna.)

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