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INCIDENT REPORT:        Terry Joseph Read
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
3:00 PM4:30 PM
  An AMBULANCE CALL at Choices Medical Clinic: At 3:20 pm Terry called to say that Ambulance # 18, and a fire-engine pulled into Choices Medical Clinic. I called ORW, then grabbed my cameras and left. When I got there, the ambulance had already left Choices Medical Clinic. Two Choices volunteers who were leaving said "she will be just fine" but would say no more about what had happened.

Knowing that ORW was watching Wesley, I went directly to Saint Joseph Hospital. At Saint Joe, I found Ambulance 18 at the Emergency entrance. An EMS employee was loading an empty gurney. I took some photos, and this irritated the employee, who came up to my vehicle and demanded to know who I was and why I was taking photos. I told him, but he apparently did not believe me. He them went to write down my license tag, (GIETZEN) and at that point I guess he was satisfied that I was who I said I was. We have no information on this call other than that it originated at Choices, and ended at Saint Joe.

<< UPDATE: 2005-May-19 >> The ambulance call yesterday did not involve Tiller in any way. A young lady was in at Choices Medical Clinic, getting an ultrasound, when she fainted. Her blood pressure was low, and for a time they could not revive her.

The ambulance was called but she was awake by the time they got there. They took her to Saint Joseph Hospital as a precautionary measure.

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