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INCIDENT REPORT:        Therese A. Dippolito
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
3:30 PM6:10 PM
  Therese Dippolito and Mark S. Gietzen:

At about 4:pm a young Hispanic girl who was tired of sitting in Tiller's waiting room, walked to the gate and talked with KCFL volunteer, Therese, Dippolito. She appeared to be in her late teens or early 20's and she was here with her friend who is having an abortion today. She was wearing her McDonalds uniform.

Her friend, the mother of two other children, little girls, ages 1 and 3, is having the abortion because she does not feel that she can afford another child. She is 14 weeks along in her pregnancy.

Upon learning that the abortion was for financial reasons, Therese immediately asked her to go in and stop her friend from having the abortion, and to come out and talk to us about financial help. Therese also told her that free medical help is available at Choices Medical Clinic next door.

Unfortunately, the girl said that they already started the abortion on her friend, and she would not go in and try to change her mind.

A few minutes later, a young man came by and gave the young girl at the gate a wad of cash. Apparently they needed more money to pay for the abortion. (Knowing how Tiller does business, it is doubtful that they actually started the abortion until they had the full payment in-hand.)

Later, at about 6:15 pm, after Therese had left, and when I, Mark Gietzen, was picking up the Crosses and other displays which we keep on-site at Tiller's, the same young lady came out to the gate again.

While she waited at the gate for someone to come and give her a ride to work she talked to me.

First, she made it clear that she was not the one having an abortion. Then, she strongly defended her friend's decision to have the abortion, saying words to the effect; "…even though it is a human life, it is still the girls decision to do whatever she wants to do!"

This girl is Catholic, and her friend is Protestant. Both her and her friend had gone to, and dropped out of, a Wichita Public High School.

It seems that more "religion" is being taught in public schools than we are managing to teach in our churches, Catholic or Protestant.

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