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INCIDENT REPORT:        David Schmidt
Friday, January 25, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
3:45 PM6:28 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; David & Irma Schmidt, and Rev. Pastor Joe Wright (former pastor of Central Christian Church).

This Confirmed Save is something of a multiple-miracle, in that it defies the odds in several ways!

First, some background: David & Irma Schmidt normally take this difficult-to-fill Friday evening shift along with another dedicated KCFL volunteer, who could not be here today, because she is out-of-state for a funeral. David is blind, and his wife Irma has a speech impediment, and does not speak English, but rather a mixture of Spanish and English that only David can understand. However, Irma has excellent eye-sight and as long as they stay close together, they function very well. They arrive on-site via Wichita City Bus, and then I (Mark Gietzen) normally give them a ride home in the Truth-truck, since their shift extends beyond the hours of city bus service.

On Friday afternoon, while I was out running an errand, I stopped by Tiller's gate to see if things were going well with David & Irma, and to let them know that they would be taking this shift entirely alone.

As I was there with them, at 3:54 pm, two ladies in a silver sedan with Kansas Tags (tag no. is on file) approached Tiller's rather slowly. They did not stop, but they looked at the Truth-truck as they slowly drove by, and they looked at David's large sign, which he holds at the gate every Friday afternoon, which simply says: "THOU SHALT NOT KILL". They slowly went into Tiller's parking lot.

After that I left Tiller's, leaving David and Irma to handle everything at the gate by themselves. I did not expect any dramatic activity, because this was past the time that people usually come in for Friday early-term abortions, and this shift is one where Tiller's late-term abortion clients are on their last day of their 4-day procedure, and clients are leaving, not coming in.

However, I was wrong.

The two ladies who came in at 3:54 pm were here for an early-term abortion, but they may have never gotten out of their car in Tiller's parking lot.

Less than eleven minutes after driving into Tiller's parking lot, they came back to the gate to talk to David and Irma.

This was the first time that David and Irma had to face a situation like this alone, and they knew that a life depended upon what they did. However, David and Irma did NOT know that Choices Medical Clinic is normally closed by 4:pm.

David and Irma talked to them until 4:05 pm, at which point they sent them over to Choices Medical Clinic - not knowing that the proLife Choices Medical Clinic should have been closed by then.

But it was a blessing that they did not know that, because by "some mysterious chance" an out of state volunteer, who came all the way from Florida to volunteer at Choices Medical Clinic, was still there. With him were a few other staff members who were getting ready to leave, when the above two ladies arrived at Choices Medical Clinic. Irma showed them to the door of Choices Medical Clinic, and returned to Tiller's gate.

At 6:12 pm, when I arrived on-site again to take my closing shift, David and Irma excitedly told me about the save.

After we loaded the Crosses into my van, I parked it in Choices parking lot. Just then, I saw a man leaving Choice Medical Clinic, locking up the doors as he went.

It was dark, but I said to myself, that looks for all the world like ol' Pastor Joe Wright who used to live in Wichita… but of course it could not be him, because he lives out-of-state now.

But I was wrong again.

It was Pastor Joe Wright! He said that he had gotten tired of retirement, and came back to Wichita to do some volunteer work at Choices Medical Clinic.

He related to us, that once the mother-to-be, whom Irma bought to the door, saw the image of her baby on the sonogram, she immediately changed her mind about having an abortion. It was indeed a Confirmed Save.

No one on earth can give a better proLife talk than Pastor Joe Wright. It is pleasing to me to see that one who talks-the-talk so well, is also one who walks-the-

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