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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mark S. Gietzen
Wednesday, July 6, 2005
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7:00 AM8:25 AM
  The Rev. Father Blick from Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Hutchinson, KS came out on-site, to the Tiller Abortion Facility in Wichita, with about 20, mostly young people, who attend the Catholic High School in Hutchinson.

They held the over-head banner for about an hour, while praying the Rosary.

Tiller employee, Bonnie Rhodes-Moss, who is the nastiest lady that I have ever met in my life, works as an after-hours Security Guard for Tiller. She had not yet left for the day. She came out to the gate while the students were praying the Rosary, and started yelling profane remarks at me (Mark Gietzen) and at the students who were praying, in an attempt to interrupt them.

Shocked by Bonnie's behavior, a beautiful young, soft-spoken Hispanic girl approached Bonnie and asked; "What would you think if your mother had decided to have an abortion?".

Bonnie said loudly to her: "I wish that my Mother would have had an abortion! …She should have had one! …I should never have been born! …My mother is mentally ill! She was crazy to have me!"

The polite, but shocked, little Mexican-looking girl had no further questions.

Bonnie, however, had some more choice words for me, and she continually taunted the prayer group as they were saying the Rosary by shouting: "F_ _ K Jesus!". She was out at the gate to take photos of the overhead banner, and of the people who were holding the banner.

Bonnie's intent was to intimidate the prayer group and to drive them away. It did not work. The group decided to pray for Bonnie as well as for the babies that are being killed here today.

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