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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mark S. Gietzen
Friday, July 8, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
6:47 AM7:38 AM
  At about 6:50 am, when I arrived on-site, the gate was already open. As I went to set up the saw-horse sign and Crosses, there was a sticky-pasty substance that looked like thick maple syrup or STP Motor Oil all over the ground in an area about 6' X 6' on the south side of Tiller's driveway. The same stuff was also in the holes in the lawn where we place the Crosses, on both the north and then south side of the driveway in about 10 or 15 places.

When Judi got here, I used her cell-phone to call the Police. An Officer H. Miller (2041) and Officer Robbins (a rude guy who thought the substance was a funny prank) arrived, but did nothing more than take my name & address, and file a case number 05C51088, then left.

Terry Read got a large piece of cardboard and placed it in the area where sidewalk counselors stand, so that they could do so without stepping on the substance.

When I got home I called the Environmental Health people at 268-8351 and was put in touch with Hazardous Materials, Curtis Redington 268-8351, by a helpful lady named Sarah.

Since we do not know what the substance is, and since we know that it was maliciously placed near the gate of the Tiller Abortion Chamber directly in the area where the ProLife sidewalk counselors normally stand, I called Officer Stolz and warned him that it may be hazardous material. We talked about closing off Bleckley Street until we find out what it is, and can get it cleaned up. (See my next entry 10:00 am).

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