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INCIDENT REPORT:        Judi Weldy
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
6:55 AM9:00 AM
  Daily Schedule. At about 8:50 Judi called to report that a vehicle owned by Godspeed Flights and Limo Services (316) 524-7000 had entered the Tiller parking lot carrying a couple who were apparently in for an abortion.

I called Godspeed and spoke to a "Beau Jones" the owner of the company. He was apologetic that his vehicle had gone into Tillers. He explained that they were tricked into it, and were somewhat obliged by a contract that they had with Comfort Inn East.

Beau said that when the call came in this morning for the transport request, that the lady who called from Comfort Inn East would not give the name of the destination, rather, she just repeated the address 5107 East Kellogg. Beau apologized repeatedly and said that they certainly had no intentions in being party to the killing of a child by a abortion.

At about 10:00am, Beau Jones called back and said that he had just gotten off the phone with Comfort Inn East, and that their conversation did not go well. He would be going to Comfort Inn East with the intention of straightening out the details of his contract with them. The reason for his call, was to let us know that this is the reason that his vehicle would be there in the Comfort Inn parking lot this morning, and he did not want us to think that he was there for other reasons, if we happened to see his vehicle there at Comfort Inn.

Then, about 45 minutes later, Beau called back and said that he had gotten into an argument with a "Candy Krueger" the manager at Comfort Inn East, and that he had terminated his contract with them. He said that if we wanted a volunteer to help picket Comfort Inn, that he would personally volunteer!

I called the corporate headquarters of Comfort Inns, which is also the direct owner, or franchise owner, of several small hotel chains; their corporate name is CHOICE HOTELS, 800-300-8200, (appropriately named). Dan at ext-5825 was at first non-cooperative, but when he learned that I was serious about a nation-wide boycott, he listened. He kept me on hold for long periods and was conferring with his higher-ups. In the three or four phone calls between us, he asked questions that indicated that they were serious about solving the problem.

When I talked to Cheryl Sullenger of ORW, and gave her the name of Candy Krueger, 686-2244, the manager of Comfort Inn East, she recognized her as the same person who did this at La Quinta Inns earlier this year. This was reported to Corporate and they wanted any information on her that I had. (I believe it is possible that she is getting some under-the-table benefit from Tiller as she was getting when she worked as a manager at La Quinta.)

The owner of Comfort Inn South - is in no way connected to the Tiller problem, but he, Jay Bhakta, 209-6677 is concerned that a boycott will hurt his business as well as the East location in Corporate Hills. We spoke at about 6 pm.

<UPDATE> Candy Krueger died on August 11, 2005. The cause of her death is a well-kept secret, but it was NOT natural causes.

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