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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Thursday, November 30, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:30 AM2:50 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Donna Lampkin and Margaret Mans:

At about 1:15 pm, a snow covered vehicle pulled into Tiller's parking lot, driving right past two sidewalk counselors who attempted to give her literature. The driver was an attractive young (college-aged) black lady who was wearing a K-State University logo on her clothing. She was alone in the vehicle.

As she left her car to walk into the building, Donna Lampkin called out to her, urging her not to kill her baby, but she went into Tiller's anyway.

Then, at about 2 pm, the lady came back outside and got in her car to leave. This time she stopped at the gate and talked at length to Donna and Margaret.

She had changed her mind about having the abortion, and said that she had decided to keep the baby. She was amazed that Donna and Margaret cared enough about her, and others like her, to stand outside in the cold and snowy weather.

From what the lady said, it was apparent that the inclement weather, (combined with the fact that Donna and Margaret were not deterred by the bad weather) was a factor in this lady's thought process ...which led her to make a life-saving decision.

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