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INCIDENT REPORT:        Carolyn S. Moshier
Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:30 AM10:08 AM
  At about 9 am, Carolyn called to report that an incident had just happened on-site at the gate.

A lady who Carolyn assumed was an abortion-bound client, stopped at the gate to talk to Carolyn. She appeared interested in what Carolyn had to say. As she was about to drive in to Tiller's parking lot, Carolyn handed the lady some literature that she had ready in her hand. The lady acted like she wanted to take the literature, but began driving slowly ahead, leading Carolyn toward the gate. To avoid stepping over the line at the gate, Carolyn just dropped the literature onto the empty passenger seat of her car.

To Carolyn's surprise, as the lady entered Tiller's parking lot, she stopped her car again, and said to Carolyn that she had just "assaulted her", by dropping that literature into her car.

This complete change in demeanor, from a lady who just a minute ago appeared interested in what Carolyn had to say, made Carolyn aware that this was likely a deliberate attempt to get Carolyn to cross the line, and to trespass onto Tiller's property.

What happened next yields credibility to Carolyn's suspicion that this was a set-up.

The lady went on into Tiller's parking lot, and after a few minutes, Security Guard, John Rayburn, came out to question Carolyn. (I advised Carolyn not to talk to John about the incident.) John Rayburn called the police.

Wichita Police Officer Zerr showed up on-site, and went in, apparently to view the security video.

When Officer Zerr came back out she made a few demeaning remarks to Carolyn, but did not charge Carolyn with anything.

Instead, Officer Zerr wrote a parking ticket on the Truth-truck and left.

(In over two years of continuous presence on-site, and with over 17 thousand volunteer hours, all in connection to Project LPPPA, there has never been a KCFL volunteer arrested on-site.)

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