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INCIDENT REPORT:        Brandi Lozier (Abortion Survivor)
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:00 AM11:59 PM

At 6:20 pm, KCFL on-site volunteer, Brandi Lozier, called from the gate of the Tiller Late-term abortion facility in Wichita, KS, and said that Edna Roach, an employee of Abortionist Tiller, came into Tiller's parking lot at a high rate of speed, carrying a distressed abortion client.

According to Brandi, as Edna slowed down enough to make the corner at Tiller's gate, she, Brandi, could see a Caucasian lady - laying-back in the front seat on the passenger side of Edna's car. (This client was likely being transported from a hotel room, where she was waiting to deliver an already-dead baby. Routinely, late-term babies are killed by injection on Tuesdays at Tiller’s late-term abortion facility – but usually do not deliver until Thursday or Friday.)

Edna proceeded to the front door of Tiller's building, and began blowing her car horn repeatedly in long bursts; apparently trying to get the attention of someone inside of Tiller's Abortion facility.

At that point, Brandi called, me, Mark Gietzen, and asked for help and directions as to what to do next. While waiting for me to get additional help on-site, Brandi called 911, and reported what was going on.

Joseph Elmore arrived on-site a few minutes early for his 6:30 to 8:00 pm shift. As he approached the gate, a Sedgwick County Ambulance and a Fire-Rescue Team in a fire truck arrived on-site, followed by a Wichita Police Car. All went into Tiller's parking lot.

A few minutes later, (maybe even within 2 minutes) the Ambulance left Tiller's gate with lights and siren activated, and went northbound on Bleckley Street. However, instead of turning right, or eastbound, on the one-way street, Kellogg Drive, the Ambulance went the wrong way, against traffic on Kellogg Drive, until it got to Oliver Street where it went westbound on Kellogg, a four-lane highway.

When the police car left Tiller's parking lot, the Police Officer said to Brandi and Joseph at the gate, words to the effect of; "...every thing was going to be all right!"

Hopefully the officer's words mean that we do not have another death-of-the-Mother on our hands.

This is the first ambulance call at Tiller's facility since Tuesday, July 12, 2005, when an ambulance was called as a precaution, to stand-by during an abortion that was preformed on a client who had a high-risk of bleeding.

On Thursday, January 13, 2005, an ambulance transported the dead body of another Tiller abortion client, Christin Gilbert, from Tiller's facility to Wesley Hospital, after she was killed at Tiller's facility in a botched abortion that made national headlines.

Tiller quit using ambulances to transport clients to the hospital, apparently due to the media attention that followed the KCFL reports of the previous ambulance runs.

Instead, Tiller now routinely transports his clients to the hospital in his Jeep or in other private vehicles. Most recently, six days ago, on Thursday, September 25, 2008, a 23-week pregnant client who was receiving an illegal late-term abortion at Tiller's facility, was transported to Wesley Hospital in Tiller's jeep - driven by Tiller himself, aided by one of Tiller's employees. The employee, who sat next to the client-victim, tried in a haphazard and makeshift way, to duplicate the services of professional para-medics. That client, a young Black lady, now known only as "Patient S" nearly died during her illegal late-term procedure. (See Operation Rescue's website for details).

No further information is available at this time about tonight's victim-client.

Please keep this unknown victim client in your prayers tonight. No one deserves to die, even if she was in the process of hiring an abortionist to kill her own child. 99% of the time, the woman is a secondary victim, dealing with a bad situation, which is invariably made worse by a visit to an abortionist.

In any case, Brandi Lozier may have saved the life of this abortion client, by her decision to call the ambulance. The Kansas Coalition for Life applauds Brandi for her life-saving action.

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