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INCIDENT REPORT:        Dale C. Weldy
Thursday, January 4, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
6:25 AM8:35 AM
  TURN-AROUND; Dale Weldy:

At about 8:am, a single female driver in a red car with Sedgwick County, KS, tags came northbound on Bleckley Street, past Choices Medical Clinic, and blinked to turn into Tiller's parking lot. However, as she came past the Truth-truck, she stopped to look at the picture of the aborted baby which is on display on the left side panel of the Truth-truck.

At the time, Dale was in the Truth-truck cab, folding literature for the day's hand-out packets. He immediately got out of the truck and offered literature to the lady, which she accepted and began to read.

Dale was able to talk her, and he encouraged her to go to Choices Medical Clinic. Unfortunately, however, all the Choices Medical Clinic staff were at a Staff Meeting, and there was no one available to open the Choices Medical Clinic door.

The lady agreed to wait in the Choices Medical Clinic parking lot while Dale called me (Mark Gietzen) to attempt to get someone to assist this lady.

Dale continued to talk to her as she waited, and at about 8:40 one of the Choices Medical Clinic staff members showed up, and welcomed her in.

The lady remained in Choices Medical Clinic at the end of Dale's shift.

This is being counted as a Turn-Around only, because in conversation with Dale, the lady had not committed "not" to have her scheduled abortion, only to check with Choices Medical Clinic "before" having her abortion.

Please pray that this Turn-Around will become a Confirmed Save.

<<<Update at 10:30 am>>> The lady remains in Choices Medical Clinic. A positive sign.

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