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INCIDENT REPORT:        MaryAnn Cravens
Monday, July 12, 2004
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:30 AM2:10 PM
  At about 12:40 pm this afternoon, 149 Crosses, each one representing a child killed in a late-term abortion, was broken in half by two unidentified vandals who sped away after uprooting and breaking the Crosses, and tormenting the KCFL volunteer who was there in prayer with the Crosses.

Every morning that the Tiller abortion facility, in Wichita Kansas is open for business, KCFL volunteers set 164 Crosses on city property adjacent to Tiller’s building.

One of the elements of the agreement with the City of Wichita and The Wichita Police Department is that the Crosses must be “attended” at all times by a volunteer who is exercising his or her 1st Amendment Rights.

MaryAnn Cravens, a retired lady has agreed to take the 11:30 am to 1:00 pm shift as KCFL Cross Attendant.

Today MaryAnn had said a prayer for the dead child represented by each cross, in front of about 2/3 of the crosses, when the vandals arrived and began their violent action.

The vandals not only uprooted the crosses, but they broke each one in half, and gave MaryAnn cause for concern for her physical safety, when she approached them in an attempt to stop the vandalism.

MaryAnn first called Mark Gietzen, the Chairman of KCFL, and then dialed 911. A Wichita Police Officer was on the scene within minutes after her 911 call, however, the attack was well planned and the vandals got away just minutes before Officer Demby (1678) arrived on the scene.

Officer Demby was able to get the license tag number of the vehicle used by the vandals by viewing the security camera footage of the abortion facility.

A criminal case has been opened, case no: 04C53802, and a Wichita Police investigation is underway.

Mark Gietzen reminded the KCFL volunteers, that as deplorable as the violence to the crosses was, it is nothing in comparison to the violence that the late-term babies undergo inside of the abortion facility, as they are being killed and incinerated, after being stripped of saleable body parts.

Mark also said that the recent beheading of American hostages in Iraq and Saudi Arabia are both physically and morally equivalent to what happens in every late-term abortion.

Seeing the crosses broken like kindling wood outside of the late-term abortion chamber is emblematic of what America is doing to Christianity.


The vandals were caught, and have been fined by the City of Wichita. They paid their fines and restitution for the broken Crosses.

Although it was slow in coming, justice eventually prevailed.

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