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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mark S. Gietzen
Monday, December 5, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:34 PM2:24 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Mark S. Gietzen, Dale Weldy, Carolyn Moshier, the Staff at Choices Medical Clinic, the ladies at the OSA house, and Operation Rescue West:

I, Mark S. Gietzen, was not scheduled to be on-site today, other than for the routine morning and evening shifts. However, when I called KCFL Volunteer, Jennifer McCoy, to remind her about her shift on-site at Tiller's today, she was in Saint Louis, MO, answering my call on her cell phone! There being no one else available to take her shift, I took it myself.

While on-site at about 12:45 pm, I was walking and saying the Rosary, when I met an attractive young lady coming northbound on the sidewalk. She had just walked out of Tiller's parking lot.

As a pedestrian, it was easy for me to talk to her, even though at first, she did not want to speak to me. At first, she kept walking past me, like I was an intruder, but I kept talking to her anyway, from a distance such that she would not be concerned that I was going to harm her. Eventually she stopped and talked to me.

Her name is Betty K. She is from New York, but was born and raised in Canada. She is in Medical School, six months pregnant, Caucasian, very beautiful, 30 years old, and pregnant by an African-American Doctor who is not sure if he wants to marry her or not.

Betty had been to Choices Medical Clinic, for three (3) hours prior to going into Tiller's. She went in to Tiller's to get an Information pack and to sign the consent form for an abortion, but she is now undecided about having the abortion. She scheduled her abortion prior to her leaving New York. Her procedure is scheduled to begin tomorrow. I do not know if it was with Tiller or Carhart, …both late-term abortionist are scheduled to be in tomorrow and all week.

At first, Betty did not want to talk, but I engaged her in conversation and we ended up talking for a long time, almost an hour, standing in the cold, on the sidewalk between the utility box and the tree. She cried at some points - and so did I. The problem is her parents - and the fact that this is a bi-racial child. Furthermore, her sister, whom she does not get along with, says that if she has this baby, it will kill her parents, because her parents are apparently very racist.

Eventually, when Betty mentioned that she was hungry, I took her over to the Operation Save America (OSA) house, because I could not leave the Crosses unattended to take her out to eat.

On our short walk to the OSA house, Betty agreed to let me take her where she needed to go after she had eaten, and after my shift was over.

At the OSA house, I introduced Betty at the door. Immediately, the OSA ladies knew exactly what to say, and how to treat her. They were very welcoming to her, and they were coaxing Betty into having a hot-chocolate drink when I left.

Betty stayed at the OSA house until about 2:12 pm, telling them when she left, that she had to meet with a friend. (Apparently that meant me, because she is alone here in Wichita.) She then came back and went directly into Tillers again. I called to her in the parking lot, but she waived me off while talking on her cell phone. A few minutes later, she came out of Tiller's building, just as Dale, my replacement on-site, was arriving to take his shift.

While Dale went to park his car, Betty was standing at the gate, and she started to cry. I asked her if I could hug her, she nodded "yes" and when I did she quietly said; "Thank you". She was cold and shivering, but her problems were mostly on the inside.

When Dale came up to the gate and signed in, I introduced Betty to him. Dale talked with Betty for awhile, telling her that he was an adopted child. That information had a profound impact on Betty. I know that because we talked about it later. (I was not aware of the fact that Dale was adopted before he told Betty.)

Before we left Tiller's, Betty had stopped crying, and she gave her cell phone number to both Dale and I.

I walked Betty to my van to take her to the Holiday Inn, East, where she is staying, but

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