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INCIDENT REPORT:        Ellen C. Travis
Friday, December 16, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:30 AM10:45 AM
  Pregnancy Test Turn-Around: A young black couple in their 20's, who were in a vehicle with KS tags, stopped and rolled down their window to talk to Ellen Travis. While talking to this young couple, Ellen accidentally stepped over the line between the sidewalk and Tiller's parking lot. She stood in the parking lot, and after several minutes of talking, the Security Guard, Carl Swinney, surprised Ellen from behind, having snuck up on her, and yelled" YOU ARE UNDER ARREST, as he grabbed her. Carl then put his hand-cuffs on Ellen, while referring to Ellen as "Dixie" - saying something to the effect that "he knew he would get her some day" …perhaps confusing her with Dixie Selenke. Ellen reports that Carl was shaking badly during the process. (This may have been the first time he ever actually put hand-cuffs on someone.) He then took Ellen around to the front, where he got the attention of some staff person inside who called 911. The Police came, and asked Ellen for her name and SSN. They checked for any outstanding warrants on Ellen, then viewed the security tape. After viewing the security video they let Ellen go, warning her not to step into Tiller's property again. Ellen was apparently crying during part of the event, and was worried mostly that Carl was out taking the Crosses down - which Ellen thought would be considered to be "un-attended Crosses" during the time that she was detained. When the police left, Ellen resumed her shift as normal. Nothing happened to the Crosses. However, in the process, the young black couple decided that this was not a very friendly place. They backed out of Tiller's parking lot, and took Ellen's advice, going over to Choices Medical Clinic. (We are NOT counting this as a Turn-around until we know for sure that the couple was pregnant.)

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