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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:30 AM3:10 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE-1; At about 10:10 am two black ladies, a mother and her pregnant teen-age daughter, in a car with Sedg. Co. Tags, approached Tiller's parking lot. They stopped on the driveway to talk to Donna. By coincidence, the mother, who was in the passenger seat, knew Donna Lampkin personally, and she and Donna recognized each other immediately. It was easy for Donna to talk her out of going into Tillers, where her daughter had an appointment for a sonogram. Donna took the daughter into Choices Medical Clinic for a sonogram, and while the daughter was in at Choices, the mother came out and took several pieces of Donna's give-away baby clothing that she keeps with her on-site at the gate. The Mother was not getting clothing for her daughter's baby, rather, she has a young baby of her own. Donna was amazed by the caviler attitude that this mother showed about her daughter's intended abortion. It was as though either way - "abortion" or "save the baby", was a toss-up for her. She was ready to support her daughter either way, and did not intend to try to influence her daughter's decision. The young pregnant daughter was more serious about her situation. With help from Choices Medical Clinic, they are keeping the baby.

CONFIRMED SAVE-2; At about 1:45 pm, just after Bleckley Street was re-opened following the bomb-scare (see ORW Press Release below - Cheryl Sullenger), Donna Lampkin, Faith Klug, Jennifer Brown and Betty Chamberlain were attempting to get material into the hands of the abortion-bound people who were in their cars that were circling around, or were parked on side streets waiting to come into Tillers. One such vehicle was a rental car, carrying a mixed-race couple from Salina Kansas. The black man and a Caucasian woman were willing to talk. They accepted printed material, including the Christin Gilbert Press Release, and were receptive to receiving help from us. Choices Medical Clinic was closed due to the bomb-scare, so an attempt was made to schedule an appointment at A Better Choice, on Central Street. Unfortunately, A Better Choice was not able to accommodate this couple, and so arrangements were made to take them to PCC (Pregnancy Crisis Center) on West Street. This couple did not know their way around town, so they followed ProLife volunteer, Keith Mason and his wife who took them to PCC and introduced them to the staff there.

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