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INCIDENT REPORT:        Terry Joseph Read
Friday, June 24, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
10:30 AM1:30 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE: A married young lady, (early 20s) named Brianna, bought her baby, Natalie, by to show the side walk counselors, Jeff Herzog and Terry Read, the new life that resulted from her changing her mind about having a late-term abortion last December.

She said that she changed her mind about going through with the abortion when an older gentleman gave her a pamphlet early in the morning on a cold and snowy day in December 2004. (Terry thinks that her description of the person who gave her the literature fits Dale Weldy.) After accepting the pamphlets, she went into Tiller's parking lot, and sat there in her car reading and thinking for a long time, …then left without even getting out of her car!

Brianna also mentioned that the images on the Truth-truck, which she thinks are revolting, made her stop and think about her baby. Natalie is now nearly 6-months old; she is a beautiful child, and the most valuable person in Brianna's life. Brianna allowed little Natalie to pose for photos with Jeff and Terry, but she did not want to be in any of the photos. (She did not want family, friends, and church-members to know that she had ever considered an abortion.)

Brianna does not want us to use her last name, however, she sincerely wants to thank all of the people who come out on site, for what they are doing.

In her case, the abortion would not have been done for reasons of fetal anomaly, but rather for financial reasons only. She and her husband simply did not feel that they were financially ready for children yet. Of course now, with little Natalie in her arms, she is certain that she made the right decision not to have the late-term abortion.

Ironically, she was on-site because she is pregnant again and was visiting Choices Medical Clinic. (She is not abortion-bound this time, rather, she is being helped by the good people of Choices Medical Clinic.)

Also, as a result of Brianna changing her mind about abortion, another girl who is an acquaintance of Brianna, who lives in the same apartment complex as Brianna, also changed her mind about having an abortion. She too had talked with side-walk counselors, apparently at Tiller's but possibly at the Central Street Abortion Chamber. Currently we do not know who this girl is, but we know from Brianna that her baby is now 5-months old.

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