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INCIDENT REPORT:        Carl E. "Ed" Grob (Deceased)
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:00 AM11:45 PM
  A new KCFL volunteer, Ed, took a vacation day from his job at Boeing to do a special 24 hours of prayer & fasting on-site.

In the early afternoon, Officer Darlene Zerr came out and told Ed that he would have to move his tent, which he had erected on city property adjacent to Tiller's property. So Ed, disassembled it.

Donna Lampkin called me and told me what had happened, and I called the City Law Department. No one was available at the City Law Department, so I called Officer Zerr and asked what ordinance she was basing her request on. She gave me 10.04.130, an ordinance against obstruction of streets and sidewalks. I called her supervisor, Officer Weimeyer 316-688-9300 and told him that I did not think that the law applied to Ed, because there was no sidewalk where he was set up, and there was no obstruction of anything taking place. He said that he in part agreed with me, and that they would not enforce the rule tonight.

I asked officer Weimeyer to send Officer Zerr back to Tiller's to inform Ed that it was okay for him to stay, (which she begrudgingly did).

However, since Ed's disassembled tent had gotten very wet, when the water sprinkler came on, I sent my tent and sleeping bag for Ed to use. Terry set up my tent and took Ed's tent to his house to dry out.

(More on this story at 8:30 pm.)

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