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INCIDENT REPORT:        Kena Rosa
Thursday, October 18, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
2:00 PM6:40 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Kena Rosa & Donna Lampkin:

(This is Kena's second shift of the day. She is here in Wichita with her husband who is a contractor working on converting the Central Street Abortion facility into offices for Operation Rescue.)

Information on this Turn-Around is from Donna Lampkin, and from Kena's notes on the on-site schedule.

Diana, a Caucasian lady in her late 20s from Butler County, KS, who is 19 weeks pregnant, came into Tiller's in a green pick-up truck. She was with an open-minded friend, Lacy, also in her late 20's or early 30's, and Lacy's daughter, Ariel.

Diana was firm in her decision to abort her child, but Lacy was looking for help from volunteers at the gate, both Donna and Kena, to get her friend, Diana, to keep her baby.

Lacy took literature from the gate and took it to Diana who was inside Tiller's building preparing for an abortion.

For about 40 minutes Lacy went back and forth between Diana, and Kena Rosa. Eventually, Lacy's efforts paid off, and she came out with Diana. Diana had not had an abortion.

Diana was driving again, and did not stop, but Lacy gave Kena a thumbs-up sign as they left.

As of Thursday, October 25th, her vehicle has not returned to Tiller's parking lot.

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