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INCIDENT REPORT:        Jennifer (Sperle) McCoy III
Monday, December 22, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:00 PM2:20 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Jennifer McCoy & Joseph Elmore:

At about 12:08 pm, a young Black girl, (teen or early 20's) with two older Black ladies came south on Bleckley Street, in a grey 4-door sedan with Sedgwick County Kansas tags, and appeared confused as to whether to turn into Tiller's Parking Lot or the Choice Medical Clinic Parking lot.

They parked in The Choices Medical Clinic Parking Lot. (Choices is closed until January 2009.) Jennifer went over to talk to them, while Joseph Elmore waited at the gate.

Jennifer was able to speak to them for about five minutes, and they accepted the literature that she gave to them.

Unfortunately, after talking with Jennifer, they still wanted to go in to Tillers. They did not stop for Joseph at the gate, entering Tiller's parking lot at about 12:15 pm. They had told Jennifer that they had an appointment for an abortion at 1:00 pm.

At 12:30 PM, Tiller arrived on-site.

Then, at 1:45 pm, the thee women came out of Tiller's parking lot, and the one that was pregnant, was smiling, and waved the literature in a friendly way to Jennifer as they left.

We are counting this as a Turn-Around for three reasons: (a.) They had not been in Tiller's long enough to have had an abortion, unless it was rushed, and unless the abortion occurred ahead of their appointed time, and unless they waived the two-hour post abortion waiting period. (b.) The demeanor of the pregnant lady, upon leaving Tiller's gate, was not that of a post-abortive woman. And, (c.) the fact that the pregnant lady still had the literature, and used it to communicate with Jennifer on the way out, is a good indication that no abortion occurred.

NOTE: TURN-AROUNDS are counted at 50% due to the uncertainties involved. Only CONFIRMED SAVES are counted at 100%.

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