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INCIDENT REPORT:        Dale C. Weldy
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
1:25 PM3:10 PM
  At about 2:10 pm, while Dale was on-site, taking the place of another person who could not be here d/t weather and roads, two Wichita Police Officers showed up on-site.

The officers apparently were on-site; due to having been called by Tiller's Security Guard, Carl Swinney, who was concerned that Dale was obstructing traffic at the driveway, when he was offering literature to incoming traffic.

One of the police officers went in to Tiller's facility, apparently, to view the security video tape, to see if Dale had obstructed access, (which was not the case).

While that officer was inside Tiller's building, Dale and the other officer, Officer D. Halverson (1611) were out by the Truth-truck, talking. Dale was sitting inside the Truth-truck warming up, and Officer Halverson was standing along side the driver's side door, talking to Dale via the open window.

As they were conversing, a slender middle-aged dark-haired Caucasian female in a dark green Cadillac (KS Tag, Sedg RKS-147) came out of Tiller's parking lot, stopped her car on Tiller's driveway, got out, and intentionally broke two small white Crosses ...in clear view of Dale and Officer Halverson.

After breaking the Crosses, the lady got back into her car, intending to leave, but Officer Halverson approached her car, tapped on her window, and questioned her.

She was apparently not aware that there were two officers on-site, and that she was being watched when she broke the Crosses.

Officer Halverson called Mark Gietzen (316) 522-8866, and asked if we wanted to press charges. Mark confirmed that KCFL owned the crosses, and that KCFL indeed wanted to prosecute any Cross vandal that we find.

Officer Halverson called a Police Supervisor and when he arrived they arrested the lady, put her in hand-cuffs, and took her to jail.

One of the Officers moved the arrested lady's car back into Tiller's parking lot, and parked it.

Officer Halverson told Dale before he left that she was being booked into jail under Case Number: 06C92672.

<< Update 2007-Jan-16 >>
I saw the lady in Court today, and as asked by the Court, I bought the specification sheet, showing the blue-print for the small Crosses, to support and justify our $5 estimated value of each of the Crosses. The lady, Katrina S. Ast, was fined, (amount unknown) and was given probation. Also, instead of paying restitution, I agreed with the prosecutor that all we needed was a letter of apology. Her actual sentencing was put off until a later date.

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