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INCIDENT REPORT:        Jennifer (Sperle) McCoy III
Monday, August 11, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:04 PM2:15 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE-1; Jennifer McCoy + CONFIRMED SAVE-2; Jennifer McCoy and Colleen Farran:

At about 12:15 am, a white van, with Ohio tags, (tag number on file) came OUT OF Tillers parking lot, carrying a Black Male about 25 years old, and a Caucasian Female about the same age, who is 33 weeks pregnant.

The KCFL Vehicle Log shows that they had been in Tiller's building since 10:02 am.

Prior to even coming to Wichita, this couple had paid a $1000.00 down payment to Tiller for an abortion that was priced by Tiller at $15.000.00.

(We do not know why this is so low, but it could be that an insurance company was NOT paying for it. We would not have been surprised if it were twice that amount for a 33-week baby, and an insurance company was footing the bill.)

In any case, as they were leaving, they stopped at the gate, but the driver would not roll his window down, so Jennifer had to talk to him, loudly, through the van's window.

She asked him to go to Choices Medical Clinic next door. The man looked over at the lady, in the passenger seat, and they talked for a minute, then he left northbound on Bleckley, in the opposite direction as Choices Medical Clinic.

However, after driving just a few hundred feet north, the driver changed his mind, stopped, turned into the Mazda dealership driveway, turned around and went southbound on Bleckley Street, into Choices Medical Clinic as Jennifer had asked him to do.

They stayed in Choices until about 1:45 pm.

On their way out of Choices Medical Clinic, they stopped and talked to Jennifer. There is a potential that this child has two fetal anomalies, and they are considering an abortion for that reason. They had a sonogram scheduled at Choices later this afternoon to determine how serious the possible anomalies actually are.

Jennifer was careful in the conversation, and in politeness, she did not press for a confirmation of a save. She mostly just listened.

The man told Jennifer; "You are doing a good job!"

He also told Jennifer some things that cannot be printed here and ended by saying that they are trying to work things out [with the pregnancy].

The lady was reading some of the printed material that Jennifer had given to her, and she was crying when they left Choices the first time.

When they came back to Choices Medical Clinic for their afternoon sonogram appointment, Jennifer came out, on-site again, to talk to this couple as they were leaving Choices for the second time today.

This time Jennifer got a confirmation from them that they are going to keep the baby, (PRAISE GOD!) in spite of any medical problems that the baby may have.

Jennifer was able to talk to them at length, and when she asked them exactly what it was that made them change their mind, they told Jennifer that they were shocked by the picture on the side of the Truth-truck which they saw when they came in this morning. He said that once they saw it, they could not bring themselves to do "that" to their baby!

At 33 weeks pregnant, they are aware that their baby, (a little girl) is fully formed, and capable of living outside the womb if she were born today.

This couple is under a lot of stress, and prayers for help for them are urgently needed.

Having traveled from Ohio for an abortion, and now changing their mind and saving their baby, prayers-of-thanksgiving are also in order!

(UPDATE 2008-Aug-16)
They did not return to Tillers throughout the rest of the week - we watched for them, including on Saturday. (Gates were closed all day Saturday) We expect that they returned to Ohio on Tuesday. - loosing the $1000 down payment to Tiller.

At about 1:30 am, a female pedestrian came walking northbound on Bleckley Street.

She was a pretty Black girl, who is 20 years old, and is 12 weeks pregnant. Her name is "Chastity" and she was headed to Tiller's to get information and to schedule an early-term abortion.

As she was walking on the sidewalk toward Tiller's gate she began looking at the picture of the aborted baby

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