Project LPPPA Church Participation

Total Hours: 49,871   Each of these hours were served by someone who took time from their schedule to be at Tiller's gate in all kinds of weather, from scorching hot to freezing cold.
Total Shifts:28,421Each one of these shifts represents a dedicated volunteer traveling at his or her own expense to be on-site for the chance of saving a human life, and sparing the child's mother a life of remorse and regret. None of these travel expenses, regardless of the distance, are reimbursed to the volunteer. MAY GOD BLESS OUR VOLUNTEERS!

This is a list of churches that are currently participating in Project Love, Prayer and Persistent Political Action. The second column is the total number of hours that members of each church have spent on-site in support of Project LPPPA.

On average, one life is saved for every 123 hours of volunteer time-on-site.

(Church Unknown)3,286.6 hours(1411 shifts)
1st Baptist Church (Downtown Wichita)32.2 hours(13 shifts)
Abide In The Vine; Owego, NY291.5 hours(103 shifts)
All Saints Catholic Church; Wichita, KS2.8 hours(3 shifts)
Andover Assembly of God Church; Andover, KS0.8 hours(1 shifts)
Asbury United Methodist Church; Wichita, KS20.6 hours(21 shifts)
Assembly of God Church; Canoga Park, CA11.1 hours(2 shifts)
Assumption Catholic Church;Topeka, KS1.7 hours(1 shifts)
Believer's Tabernacle Church; Wichita, KS2.0 hours(2 shifts)
Bethel Life Center Church; Wichita, KS15.3 hours(11 shifts)
Beth-El Shaddai Messianic Synagogue Church; Bessemer, AL67.0 hours(13 shifts)
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church; Wichita, KS186.0 hours(165 shifts)
Brean Baptist Church; Hutchinson, KS8.8 hours(4 shifts)
Calvary Baptist Church; Nevada, MO544.2 hours(76 shifts)
Cathederal Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe Catholic Church; Dodge City, KS0.5 hours(1 shifts)
Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist Church; Lafayette, LA304.7 hours(22 shifts)
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Church; Wichita, KS622.9 hours(453 shifts)
Central Christian Church; Wichita, KS317.6 hours(247 shifts)
Central Community Church; Wichita, KS59.1 hours(36 shifts)
Chisholm Trail Church of Christ; Amity, OR132.3 hours(39 shifts)
Christ Community Church United Methodist; Wichita, KS252.8 hours(198 shifts)
Christ Community Church; Ashburn, VA11.2 hours(11 shifts)
Christ The King Catholic Church; Wichita, KS459.6 hours(283 shifts)
Christian Chapel Foursquare Church; Wichita, KS240.8 hours(279 shifts)
Christian Family Ministries; Wichita, KS40.6 hours(37 shifts)
Christian Victory International Ministries Church; Evanston, IL474.8 hours(92 shifts)
Church of The Holy Spirit; Goddard, KS1,026.1 hours(1015 shifts)
Church of The Magdalen Catholic Church; Wichita, KS794.2 hours(863 shifts)
Church of The Resurrection Catholic Church; Wichita, KS219.9 hours(164 shifts)
Colonial Heights Baptist Church; Wichita, KS2,606.6 hours(1822 shifts)
Cornerstone Fellowship Church; Wichita, KS59.8 hours(44 shifts)
Country Acres Baptist Church; Wichita, KS204.8 hours(127 shifts)
East Evangelical Free Church; Wichita, KS946.0 hours(784 shifts)
Eastminster Presbyterian Church; Wichita, KS50.8 hours(35 shifts)
Evangelical Covenant Church; Lindsborg, KS3.8 hours(2 shifts)
Faith Community Church; Wichita, KS77.3 hours(66 shifts)
First Assembly King's Chapel Church; Antioch, CA23.2 hours(5 shifts)
First Assembly of God; Lebanon, MO27.3 hours(8 shifts)
First Baptist Church; Haysville, KS2.9 hours(2 shifts)
First Baptist Church; Mulvane, KS120.1 hours(96 shifts)
First Church of The Nazarene; Blackwell, OK30.3 hours(15 shifts)
Free Presbyterian Church; Lee's Summit, MO74.8 hours(10 shifts)
Grace Baptist Church; Wichita, KS69.0 hours(36 shifts)
Grace Christian Fellowship44.5 hours(22 shifts)
Grace Fellowship Church of God; Wichita, KS31.9 hours(25 shifts)
Grace Lutheran Church; Wichita, KS13.8 hours(6 shifts)
Harvest House of Prayer; Wichita, KS154.0 hours(108 shifts)
Heartland Community Church; Wichita, KS275.8 hours(214 shifts)
Hilltop Urban Church; Wichita, KS0.5 hours(1 shifts)
Holy Cross Lutheran Church; Wichita, KS19.2 hours(13 shifts)
Holy Family Catholic Parish; Marion, KS6.8 hours(4 shifts)
Holy Rosary Catholic Church; Iberia Parish, LA69.7 hours(4 shifts)
Holy Savior Catholic Church; Wichita, KS83.1 hours(53 shifts)
Hope International Fellowship Church; Wichita, KS11.8 hours(12 shifts)
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church; Lake Charles, LA107.0 hours(8 shifts)
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church; Staten Island, NY17.7 hours(2 shifts)
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church; Lafayette, LA37.3 hours(4 shifts)
Immanuel Baptist Church; Wichita, KS3,087.3 hours(867 shifts)
Indian Baptist Church; Wichita, KS84.3 hours(52 shifts)
International House of Prayer Church; Kansas City, MO19.1 hours(7 shifts)
Kingdom Life Ministries Church; Hesston, KS293.8 hours(125 shifts)
L'chaim D'yeshua; Wichita, KS111.9 hours(88 shifts)
Living Waters House of Prayer Church; Wichita, KS611.8 hours(464 shifts)
Living Word Outreach Church; Wichita, KS8.3 hours(4 shifts)
Maranatha Assembly of God Church; Wichita, KS25.3 hours(37 shifts)
Meridian Baptist Church; Newton, KS313.8 hours(297 shifts)
Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church; Topeka, KS55.6 hours(31 shifts)
Mulvane Brethren Church; Mulvane, KS20.3 hours(18 shifts)
New Canaan Church; El Dorado, KS155.4 hours(99 shifts)
New Horizons Holiness Church; Wichita, KS93.0 hours(45 shifts)
NewSpring Church; Wichita, KS2.0 hours(1 shifts)
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church; S. Hutchinson, KS23.2 hours(11 shifts)
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church; Topeka, KS6.7 hours(4 shifts)
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church; Quartsite, AZ19.5 hours(9 shifts)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church; Wichita, KS34.5 hours(32 shifts)
Pleasant Valley Christian Church; Bently, KS3.5 hours(1 shifts)
Remnant of Israel Church; Wichita, KS48.3 hours(30 shifts)
Rose Hill Christian Church; Rose Hill, KS36.5 hours(19 shifts)
Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic Church; Salina, KS15.8 hours(8 shifts)
Sacred Heart Cathedral; Salina3.3 hours(1 shifts)
Sacred Heart Catholic Church; Arkansas City, KS747.4 hours(57 shifts)
Sacred Heart Catholic Church; Colwich, KS168.7 hours(158 shifts)
Sacred Heart Catholic Church; Greenleaf, KS11.0 hours(5 shifts)
Saint Agnes Catholic Church; Baton Rouge, LA1,170.4 hours(102 shifts)
Saint Agnes Catholic Church; Roeland Park, KS480.5 hours(465 shifts)
Saint Alphonsus Ligouri Catholic Church; Greenwell Springs, LA260.1 hours(21 shifts)
Saint Anne Catholic Church; Wichita, KS46.9 hours(25 shifts)
Saint Anns Catholic Church; Wichita, KS49.2 hours(32 shifts)
Saint Anthony Catholic Church; Garden Plain, KS283.3 hours(261 shifts)
Saint Anthony Catholic Church; Wichita, KS504.5 hours(399 shifts)
Saint Augustine Catholic Church; West Fork, AR49.8 hours(4 shifts)
Saint Benedict's Catholic Church; Atchison, KS29.8 hours(26 shifts)
Saint Bernard Catholic Church; Breaux Bridge, LA2,107.9 hours(175 shifts)
Saint Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church; Wichita, KS199.8 hours(116 shifts)
Saint Cecilia Catholic Church; Haysville, KS1,007.7 hours(456 shifts)
Saint Edward Catholic Church; Belleville, KS17.5 hours(5 shifts)
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church; Wichita, KS755.8 hours(477 shifts)
Saint Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church; Lafayette, LA603.6 hours(50 shifts)
Saint Elizabeth's Catholic Church; Elizabethton, TN190.3 hours(19 shifts)
Saint Francis Catholic Chapel Church; Albany, NY78.3 hours(42 shifts)
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church; Orange, TX189.6 hours(15 shifts)
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church; Wichita, KS1,257.0 hours(825 shifts)
Saint Ignatius Catholic Church; Neodesha, KS10.6 hours(4 shifts)
Saint James Catholic Church; Augusta, KS16.7 hours(13 shifts)
Saint John Catholic Church; Clonmel, KS578.8 hours(367 shifts)
Saint John Catholic Church; Hanover, KS18.0 hours(6 shifts)
Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church; Beloit, KS1.0 hours(1 shifts)
Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church; Herington, KS22.3 hours(13 shifts)
Saint Joseph Catholic Church; Hays, KS5.7 hours(5 shifts)
Saint Joseph Catholic Church; Ost, KS221.7 hours(112 shifts)
Saint Joseph Catholic Church; Rayne, LA108.5 hours(7 shifts)
Saint Joseph Catholic Church; Wichita, KS43.0 hours(36 shifts)
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church; Parks, LA119.5 hours(8 shifts)
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church; Wichita, KS25.4 hours(35 shifts)
Saint Jude Catholic Church + Holy Savior Catholic Church; Wichita, KS175.2 hours(112 shifts)
Saint Jude Catholic Church, Wichita125.1 hours(80 shifts)
Saint Jude Catholic Church; Wichita, KS66.8 hours(56 shifts)
Saint Margaret Mary Catholic Church; Wichita, KS5,725.5 hours(6664 shifts)
Saint Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church; Colwich, KS695.9 hours(397 shifts)
Saint Mark United Methodist Church; Wichita, KS452.6 hours(237 shifts)
Saint Mark's Church Of God; Wichita, KS0.5 hours(1 shifts)
Saint Martin De Tours Catholic Church; Saint Martinville, LA591.7 hours(48 shifts)
Saint Mary Catholic Church; Aleppo, KS1,271.2 hours(876 shifts)
Saint Mary Roman Catholic Church; Fairfield, IA253.8 hours(75 shifts)
Saint Mary's Catholic Church; Derby, KS1,663.9 hours(1035 shifts)
Saint Mary's Catholic Church; Newton, KS7.6 hours(7 shifts)
Saint Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Chapel MAFB; Wichita, KS11.8 hours(8 shifts)
Saint Michael Catholic Church; Chrokeee Village, AR1,762.6 hours(141 shifts)
Saint Michael Catholic Church; Mulvane, KS283.6 hours(197 shifts)
Saint Patrick Catholic Church; Kingman, KS218.5 hours(119 shifts)
Saint Patrick Catholic Church; Wichita, KS75.2 hours(41 shifts)
Saint Paul - Newman Center Church - WSU / SMM; Wichita, KS266.9 hours(126 shifts)
Saint Paul - Newman Center Church - WSU; Wichita, KS183.8 hours(146 shifts)
Saint Paul Catholic Church; Anelus, KS15.3 hours(6 shifts)
Saint Paul Catholic Church; Delphos, KS64.1 hours(21 shifts)
Saint Paul Newman Center, WSU, Wichita, KS202.9 hours(122 shifts)
Saint Peter Catholic Church; Broken Arrow, OK49.8 hours(4 shifts)
Saint Peter The Apostle Catholic Church; Schulte, KS557.5 hours(359 shifts)
Saint Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church; Mountain Home, AR256.2 hours(19 shifts)
Saint Pius-X Catholic Church; Franklin, TN494.3 hours(43 shifts)
Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church; Wichita1.0 hours(1 shifts)
Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church; Wichita, KS1,180.7 hours(913 shifts)
Saint Thomas Moore Catholic Church; Baton Rouge, LA33.3 hours(3 shifts)
Saint Wenceslaus Catholic Church; Eastman, WI168.1 hours(12 shifts)
Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church; Clay Center, KS3.0 hours(1 shifts)
Shiloh Missionary Church; Wichita, KS2.9 hours(2 shifts)
Southview Baptist Church; Kansas City, MO107.0 hours(17 shifts)
Southwind Fellowship Church; Wichita, KS79.5 hours(48 shifts)
Spirit One Christian Center / Word of Life Church; Wichita, KS22.0 hours(3 shifts)
Spirit One Christian Center Church; Wichita, KS716.9 hours(175 shifts)
Summit Christian Church5.4 hours(5 shifts)
Swiss Mennonite Church; North Newton, KS33.4 hours(33 shifts)
Temple Baptist Church; Wichita, KS84.5 hours(49 shifts)
The Leon Christian Church; Leon, KS9.7 hours(5 shifts)
Trinity Christian Center Church; Wichita, KS50.7 hours(32 shifts)
Victory in Christ Congregational Church; Wichita, KS31.2 hours(27 shifts)
West Central Church of Christ; Wichita, KS1.8 hours(1 shifts)
Westlink Christian Church; Wichita, KS640.0 hours(361 shifts)
Westside Freewill Baptist Church; Wichita, KS87.1 hours(49 shifts)
Word of Life Church; Wichita, KS91.0 hours(58 shifts)

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