...because it takes a village to kill a child!

Just as Adolph Hitler was not able to kill millions of Jews during the German Holocaust on his own, so to the American Holocaust is made possible by those who collaborate with the abortion industry.

This KCFL Boycott List is a list of 'abortion collaborators' who knowingly assist in the unjustified killing of unborn children, by providing necessary services to Kansas abortionists.   Adding an individual or business name to this list is an absolute LAST RESORT.   Prior to adding any name to this list, KCFL has made every reasonable effort to inform the business owners and or managers about the nature of abortion, and of the cruel and deadly mission of abortion providers that intentionally kill unborn babies; a practice which almost always injures the mother emotionally for the rest of her life, and sometimes permanently physically injures her as well.   Please call these abortion collaborators to let them know that you will not use their services or products as long as their name remains on the KCFL Boycott List. (Please share this information with your friends, your Pastor, and any groups that you may belong to.)

The following businesses knowingly collaborate in the barbaric, uncivilized and gruesome practice of abortion:
Air Capital Electric, Inc.
Provides electrical contracting for the South Wind Abortion Facility, and has rebuffed all efforts to keep from being adding to the KCFL Boycott List.
Clear Channel Radio - Nationwide
Clear Channel occasionally advertises for the South Wind Abortion Facility, and refuses to agree to change its policy on advertising for abortion. (No ads currently running so far in 2018.)
Diamond Security, LLC
Provides security services for the South Wind Abortion Facility.
Metro Courier, Inc.
Provides courier service for the South Wind Abortion Facility. Boycott Started on 2015-Nov-13. PLEASE CALL and ask Metro Courier to stop providing service to the South Wind Abortion Facility.

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